React-Native: Day by Day

Welcome to AppEngineer We are come back with some exiting tutorial on React-native for iOS. Why Choose React Native At this point, you might think that React Native is another “write once, run anywhere” framework, like Titanium or PhoneGap, but you would be wrong. As Facebook very clearly states on their blog post, they acknowledge... Continue Reading →


Mobile App Development in Lucknow

Hey, Lucknow is being hub of software technology and mobile application development. Day by day increasing list of software companies in Lucknow, is showing that there is a lot of opportunity to grow. We are listing some mobile development companies operating in Lucknow. 1. STPL Website: 2. Laikor infosolution pvt ltd Website: 3.... Continue Reading →

Stack Implementation in swift

public struct Stack{ private var array:[T] public var maxSize:Int? public init(){ array = [] }   //MARK: isEmpty public var isEmpty:Bool{ return array.count == 0 } //MARK: count public var count:Int{ return array.count } //MARK: PUSH public mutating func push(element:T){ if (maxSize != nil){ if array.count >= maxSize{ print("OverFlow") } } array.append(element) } //MARK: POP... Continue Reading →

UIApplication and its Delegate

1. UIApplication :  root class UIResponder A major role of your app’s application object is to handle the initial routing of incoming user events he application object maintains a list of open windows (UIWindow objects) and through those can retrieve any of the app’s UIView objects The UIApplication class defines a delegate that conforms to... Continue Reading →

Strava integration in iOS

Strava is a website and  mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS. Its headquarters are located in California. The most popular activities tracked using the software are  Cycling and running. If we are developing a health based application , sometimes we need to fetch data from Strava for analysis .In this tutorial , we will... Continue Reading →

FitBit AOuth in iOS app

The Fitbit API allows developers to interact with Fitbit data in their own applications, products and services. The API allows for most of the read and write methods that you will need to support your application. If you have uses or needs that are not currently supported by the API, drop by the Dev Forum... Continue Reading →

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