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Top 10 iOS libraries

Hi Readers,

As always, I realized I can’t implement everything in iOS, and also shouldn’t reinvent wheels. So I started using libraries for iOS development. Here you are my dump (order doesn’t count):

1: WordPress iPhone app is open source. You can use it’s XML-RPC library.
2: Three20 iOS library has tons of goodies. You better to check them all. Also don’t forget about it’s extensions.
3: Urban Airship library is about in-app purchase, push, rich push and subscriptions. They have their code for Android and Blackberry too. How awesome is that?
4: ShareKit is the sharing kit for your iOS application.
5: PayPal’s mobile payment library is a must have api for applications where you can pay. (iPhone and Android lib.)
6: The Tapku library has several cool features, like cover-flow, calendar grid and chart view and other smaller parts.
7: Probably it’s for a smaller target, but if you want to integrate your app with the Buto video service, you also has something to integrate.
8: For parsing KML files you have the Simple-KML library.
9: The HubKit library provides you easy access to the GitHub api.
10: ZXing is a very good extension for barcode recognition. It also has lots of other implementations for other languages than Objective C.
Do you know about other good iOS libraries? Please, let me know so I can add them too.

For XML-RPC communication you should try this XML-RPC library from eczarny.

lightweight XML library can be found here by TouchCode.

I guess it’s not necessary to introduce Unity, one of the most awesome graphical library.

A small but really nice library that does pull-to-refresh on tables from Leah Culver.

ZBar has an awesome minimal but perfect barcode scanner library – and it’s open source.

RedLaser’s barcode scanner is also very good, but you have to pay a little for it.

JSONKit is a well performed JSON parser library. 

UITableKit is a nice helper library for working with tables.


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