Ti.mely Native Timer Modules for Titanium

Ti.mely Native Timer Modules for Titanium


The Ti.mely project provides Titanium access to iOS and Android native timers.  The native nature of these timers can be advantageous for background or long interval poling.

Using Ti.mely

The usage is straightforward, you simply create a new timer object

Attach a listener to listen for the onIntervalChange event as shown below

Initialize the timer by calling the start method.  This method takes the interval in milliseconds and an optional debug flag which will print timer information to your console window.

To stop the timer, simply call the stop method as shown below.

Native Consideration, ie Side Effects

Each time an interval elapses the onIntervalChange event will be fired.  The firing of this event will cause a trip over the Kroll JavaScript bridge.  For this reason using Ti.mely to implement high speed timers of 500 milliseconds or less could negatively impact app performance.

Get the module

The Ti.mely source code…

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