Simple Sprite Kit game tutorial- Part1

Megha Gulati

In this tutorial we are gonna make  a basics 2D games with Sprite Kit. You can get the full source code of this tutorial on github.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 28, 2013 10.51.25 PM

Getting Started

Start Xcode and select File\New\Project from the main menu. Select the iOS\Application\SpriteKit Game template and click Next.

spritekit_project copy

Enter your game name for Product Name, choose iPhone for devices and leave the Class Prefix blank and click Next

create-project copy

On Device Orientation deselect Portrait.
only-landscape copy
In XCode’s toolbar, select the iPhone (4-inch) Simulator and click Run
You will see a single label that says “Hello World!” and when you click anywhere on the screen, a rotating space ship will appear.
hello copyspaceship copy

SpriteKit Physics and Collision Detection

SpriteKit comes with Physics engine built-in. Which helps in simulating realistic movements and collision detection.

We are going to use SpriteKit physics engine to move our spaceship and detect the collision between spaceship and missile.

We are…

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