Delegate vs Notification in iOS

Both terminology provide a way by which iOS object communication to each other in iOS application


  1. faster
  2. creates a has-a relationship between the two classes
  3. Good architecure, You gain compile time checking for required methods when you use  protocols with your delegates, so you know when you compile if you’re missing any required methods
  4. One of the other benefits of delegates is that you can return something back to the owning class.
  5. Easy to understand by other developer


  1. slower than Delegate (for one receiver)
  2. NSNotificationCenter is kind of “hack-ish” and is frequently used novice programmers which can lead to poor architecture
  3. more geared towards point to multipoint communication
  4. NSNotifications allow you to send a message to any objects, but you won’t have a link between them to communicate back and forth
  5. difficult to understand by other developer



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