Calendar View in Titanium Application

/******   Mahendra yadav *   ***/ If you need a calendar view in your Titanium application , you are in right place . var win=Ti.UI.currentWindow; // Taking Screen Width var screenWidth = 322; var needToChangeSize = false; var screenWidthActual = Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth; if (Ti.Platform.osname === 'android') { if (screenWidthActual <= 641) { screenWidth = screenWidthActual;... Continue Reading →


Dynamically setting passwordMask in Titanium

Unfortunately, you cant do this. According to the docs on Ti.UI.TextField in the fine print; Note: on iOS, passwordMask must be specified when this text field is created. Its not all bad news though, there are a couple ways you can approach this, one option is to make the password mask yourself, by listening to the change event: var... Continue Reading →

Chart in Titanium Application for iOS

1. Download ti.Chart module from 2. Placed it in titanium Module folder /Users/sanjaypal/Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules. 3. update ti.XML to add module in Application ti.charts 4. Require module var Charts = require('ti.charts'); 5. add Function for Chart . function ResetChart(yAxis,xAxis,yAxisValue,xAxisValue,data,dateArray){' '+xAxis);;; var demoChart = Charts.createChart({ top:'15%', left:0, width:(dateArray.length*75)+100, height:'70%', fillColor:'white', orientationModes:[ Ti.UI.PORTRAIT, Ti.UI.UPSIDE_PORTRAIT,... Continue Reading →

Search Bar and Table View in Titanium

Step 1. Create A Search bar    var search = Titanium.UI.createSearchBar({ //barColor:'#000', height:43, top:0, showBookmark:true }); win.add(search); search.addEventListener('blur', function(e) {'search bar:blur received'); });       win.addEventListener('touch', function(e) { search.blur(); });   Step 2: Create Table View.   var fishData=[]; var fishArray=['Fish','Invertebrate and Others','Coral']; for(var i=0;i<fishArray.length;i++){ var row=Ti.UI.createTableViewRow({title:fishArray[i],font:{fontSize:17,fontWeight:'bold'},backgroundImage:'/image/inhabitantRowBg.png',hasDetail:true}); fishData.push(row); }   var tableView=Ti.UI.createTableView({ data:fishData,... Continue Reading →

Basics Of Titanium

1.Fromate Time in Titanium title="Download Latest or Old Version of Titanium sdk." target="_blank"> var foo = new Date(); var date = dateName[foo.getMonth()] + " " + foo.getDate()+ " " +foo.getFullYear() ; var time=String.formatTime(foo); 2. Add days on Date in Titainum foo.setDate(foo.getDate() +364) 3. Hide Nav Bar in Titanium var win=Ti.UI.currentWindow; win.hideNavBar(); 4.Alert Dialog In Titanium... Continue Reading →

Appcelerator Titanium: BlackBerry 10 SDK Update

BlackBerry Developer Blog

Today I have two huge announcements for all our Appcelerator Titanium developers out there. First, the Appcelerator Titanium SDK is entering version 3.1.1. Second, this release includes integrated support for the BlackBerry 10 Beta SDK! Since the announcement of BlackBerry 10 support in Titanium, there have been huge strides made to get as many Titanium APIs supported on BlackBerry 10 as possible and today marks a major step in that direction, getting just inches away from the final GA release. Anyone interested in taking a look at just how far we’ve come can take a look at the change log to see what a remarkable feat has been accomplished by the Appcelerator developers in just a few short months.


Up to this release, the BlackBerry 10 SDK was supported using a pre-release version of the Titanium SDK which added a both few extra steps and downloads in order to…

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Alert Dialog in Titanium

var alertDialog = Titanium.UI.createAlertDialog({ title:'Welcome to Reefland Pro', message:'To begin please add your first aquarium with the plus button above. if you need to change metric system click on settings.', buttonNames : ['Ok'] }); alertDialog.addEventListener('click', function(e) { switch(e.index) { case 0:"Done"); break;   } });;

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