5D life :5D life is the BEST all-in- one health & fitness app in the WORLD that helps

you train right using heart zones. Download 5D Life now and join the world’s

LARGEST social fitness community. MILLIONS are already benefitting every

day by setting lifestyle goals, conquering them, and sharing their progress

along the way!


  • 100% FREE – we believe that leading a healthy lifestyle should be

accessible to everyone!

  • 100% INTEGRATED – 5D Life uses only your phone, wearable trackers and

apps to monitor your vital health stats.

  • 100% EFFECTIVE – MILLIONS of users worldwide have seen DRASTIC

improvements in their physique and emotional well-being!

  • 100% AUTHENTIC – 5D Life uses patented heart zones methodology to

assess your training zones.



ADVANCED 5D APPROACH – we have got you covered. We believe the best

form of fitness comes from covering all vital aspects of well being

encompassing activity, nutrition and cardiac health. The five pillars of the 5D

approach are : Heart rate, Activity, Diet, Experts and Community.

  • SEAMLESS DEVICE INTEGRATION – the app allows you to keep track of

your daily activities by capturing all your data through apps, wearable devices

or even smartphone sensors. Seamless integration across multiple devices

and platforms allows you to aggregate data in one account, which is stored on

our cloud platform for eternity.

  • WORLD-CLASS PULSE RATE MONITOR – for all our app users who don’t

have a wearable tracker, heart rate monitoring is made easy by using our in-

app heart rate monitor. Visualize your waveform with the tip of your finger

and your phone’s camera!

  • HEART RISK SCORE – Heart risk assessment tool uses information

adapted from the Framingham Heart study as recommended by the

2009 CCS guidelines to predict an individual’s susceptibility to

cardiovascular diseases over a period of 10 years.

  • MULTI-ACTIVITY GPS TRACKER – track running, cycling, climbing, and

many more activities!


effective platform to record your meals, mood, activity, steps for

monitoring your efforts in relation to your fitness goals.

  • IN-DEPTH HEALTH CHARTS AND ANALYSIS – track what you’re doing

right and what you could be doing better! Fitness is journey, not a destination

so track your metrics and improve performance over time

  • CUTTING-EDGE HEART ZONE TESTS – we reckon you are unique so

have designed specific heart rate zone assessment tests that allow you to

know your workout threshold and peak HR in relation to activities!

  • REFER & EARN – invite friends and family with challenges to motivate each

other in a fun way

  • LEARN MORE – get exclusive access to our blogs and learn tips & tricks on

how to improve your nutrition, weight, fitness and health! Explore the

knowledge base section in the app for breakthrough articles and blogs to keep

your heart healthy.

  • MORE TO COME – enjoy new features the second they’re released!

We constantly strive to make 5D LIFE the best free health & fitness

app in the world. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming tailor made

fitness programs and real time monitoring by our experts!

Get rolling into action for a life fully charged!

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YOUR BUBBLE : Capture everyone’s events moments into a single group timeline
Virtually instantly and totally automatic
easy for hosts and no hassle for guests

Plateform : iOS ( iPad /iPhone)


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Smile Workshop : Smile workshop is an app that let’s you create your own style and personalise images by cropping and adding quirky graphics, text and filters to any photo or image. Its simplicity lets you create fun, drama, pop and mood to your images at your fingertips.

Plateform : iOS ( iPad /iPhone)


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2. ScenePast : Described as an “amazing” app by the Huffington Post & Mental Floss, ScenePast takes you back in time. Visit over a 1100+ moments from your favorite films & TV shows to see the EXACT locations THEN & NOW. App featured on Wired, CNET, Gothamist, Curbed LA, Daily Mail, Mental Floss, Curbed NY, LA Magazine, LAist & more!

Plateform : iPhone


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3. Pulp -Free : The Pulp-Free reader app showcases all types of visual books including comic books, graphic novels, manga, storybooks, sketchbooks and portfolios by Creators from around the world. This is a companion app to our Pulp-Free Publishing website (www.pulpfreepublishing.com) where Creators can publish and manage titles from their online portal.

We are not owned by a large internet company.
No editorial review
We share 70/30 not 50/50

Pulp-Free App Features:
• Browse and search books
• Preview 3 pages before purchasing
• Store and read books off-line
• View in single and double-page spreads
• Share cover of title on social networks
• Change app default language

Pulp-Free Publishing Website – Creator Benefits:
• You keep 100% ownership
• You set the sales price
• You earn money every time your book is purchased
• No submission review

We process and convert your supplied images (pages) offline and publish your book as an In-App purchase within the Pulp-Free app. All of the information you enter on the website (name of book, language of book, issue no., format, page count, genre, summary description, creative team, website URL and ownership information) is viewed in the Pulp-Free app.

Your book will appear on the Pulp-Free app where users can preview the first 3 pages of your title in addition to the summary description before making a purchase.

Books can be displayed by preset categories including; All, Featured, New, Paid, Free, Format and Language.

The apps default language can be changed to one of the following seven languages:
• English
• French
• Italian
• Norwegian
• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Swedish

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4. VideoGreetingCard : VideoGreetingCard is a unique iPhone application which allow you to actually send a video greeting to your loved ones….. Yes!!! It is true
This latest version has many new features added into it so that app becomes more user friendly and easy to use.
Come and experience a whole new world of wishing your loved once in a more personalized way.

Plateform : iPhone


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5. Street2Media : The Street2Media app lets you upload your photos and videos to the site from anywhere.

Upload your photos and videos

Manage your account preferences

See who’s downloaded your photos and videos,

How many people have liked your photos and videos.

Keep a track of how much you have made

Receive messages and updates from Street2Media

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6. My NCGA :my NCGA, the official app of the Northern California Golf Association, offers a personalized mobile experience that allows members easy access to manage their games through score posting, an interactive course handicap calculator and a handicap index lookup. Those features join NCGA news updates and live feeds from Twitter and Facebook and the ability to remember user preferences such as recently posted scores.
Note: Use of this app requires an official USGA Handicap Index® issued by the Northern California Golf Association.

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7. Real Radio : Now you can take your favourite station “REAL RADIO” wherever you go, by downloading our FREE Android app. Real Radio 97.1 – “Keep it Real”


  • Live streaming of Real music, News, and interesting entertainment updates.
  • Listen to Real Radio in the background while you do other things on your device.

Plateform : Android




8. Big Time Quiz : Take the most popular and fun loaded quizzes made by users like you and reveal astonishing results. You can also explore more quizzes from here http://www.facebook.com/quizland and always be up to date on the latest ones!

Plateform : iPhone /iPad

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9. ZooGrab : Zoograb is a “Reverse Auction” website. The auctions are considered “reverse” because with each bid, the auctioned price goes down. The ZooGrab reverse auction based App is already developed and online. The Zoograb App is developed with the motive that the app will be for users who can electronically redeem the vouchers for the auctioned items that they have won or rewarded.

Plateform : iOS / Android

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10 . Where2Hunt : Want to see other hunters in your hunting area? The Where to Hunt GPS hunting app is not like other apps. Where to Hunt allows you to see other hunters who have displayed their GPS coordinates. This allow you as a hunter, to either navigate around other hunters OR claim your hunting spot to make sure other Where to Hunt app users avoid you.

Whether you hunt deer, turkey, elk, goose or duck our GPS hunting navigation app will help you hunt safer and smarter. You can “claim your spot” once you get outdoors and in the woods at your hunting spot. If I see someone has already claimed their hunting spot with the Where to Hunt hunting app, I will go to a new hunting spot.

If you are in a hunting party and want to see where your friends are on the map, simply check the Where to Hunt App to see where they are. No more calls or wondering exactly where they went, or if they got lost or thought they knew better; now you know where they are hunting. You already use your smart phone for weather updates, wind direction, camera, maps and GPS positioning – now use it to see where other deer hunters are within your hunting range. If you’re tracking a deer you can save your GPS coordinates where you track blood from a hunt. If someone in your hunting party is not sure where you are, they can use the Where to Hunt GPS app to find you and your deer. This saves time when tracking, making sure you get your deer out of the woods and into the truck!

Just to recap, the Where to Hunt app is great for Hunting Parties, Deer drives, Knowing your target and beyond, tracking your your friends and/or deer while enhancing your smart phone’s GPS navigation to show you where other hunters are in relation to your hunting spot.

Know where your friends are, other hunters and hunt safer!

Plateform : iOS / Android

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