Common method in Swift

1. Check for any field empty in NSDictionary class func checkforEmptyValueinDictioanty(dic:NSDictionary)-> Bool{ for (keyVal, dataVal) in dic {   if (dataVal.length()==0){                 println("\(keyVal): \(dataVal.length())")                 return false             }                 ... Continue Reading →


How to get UDID of your iOS device

There is two way to get UDID From iTune 2.From Xcode 1. From iTune You can get UDID using following step Open itunes You will get your device at right corner Click on Summary tab and then double click on Identifier .then identifier will covert on UDID . You can get UDID from Xcode using... Continue Reading →

Use different font text in a Label in swift

let secondLabel=UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(0, 16, _screenWidth-2, 20))         secondLabel.textColor=UIColor.whiteColor()         secondLabel.textAlignment=NSTextAlignment.Center         secondLabel.font=UIFont(name: "Arial", size: 12)         bottomView.addSubview(secondLabel)                  let attrSting=NSMutableAttributedString(string: "I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.")             ... Continue Reading →

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