Stack Implementation in swift



FitBit AOuth in iOS app

The Fitbit API allows developers to interact with Fitbit data in their own applications, products and services. The API allows for most of the read and write methods that you will need to support your application. If you have uses or needs that are not currently supported by the API, drop by the Dev Forum... Continue Reading →

CoreData Day-2 :: CoreData Components ?

1.NSIncrementalStore: NSIncrementalStore is an abstract superclass defining the API through which Core Data communicates with a store. This interface is designed to allow you to create persistent stores which load and save data incrementally, allowing for the management of large and/or shared datasets 2. NSIncrementalStoreNode : NSIncrementalStoreNode is a concrete class to represent basic nodes... Continue Reading →

Making a class singleton in Swift

Making a class singleton  in Swift Create a singleton class import UIKit import AVFoundation class TextToSpeech: NSObject {         let speechSyn=AVSpeechSynthesizer()     var speechUlt=AVSpeechUtterance(string: "")               class var shareInstance:TextToSpeech{       struct Static{         static var onceToken:dispatch_once_t=0         static... Continue Reading →

Block as a completion Handler in iOS

Block as a completion Handler in iOS In Objective-c declare a méthode:: -(void) getCallBack:(NSString *)string1 onCompletion:(void(^)(NSString *sting))handeler; function implementation: -(void) getCallBack:(NSString *)string1 onCompletion:(void(^)(NSString *sting))handeler{          handeler(string1); } function calling: [self  getCallBack:@"Sunny" onCompletion:^(NSString *value){         NSLog(@"My name is %@",value);     }]; In Swift function declaration:: func getValueByMultiPle(value1:Int,value2:Int,onCompletion:((success:Int)->Void),onError:((errorValue:String)->Void)){     ... Continue Reading →

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