Common method in Swift

1. Check for any field empty in NSDictionary class func checkforEmptyValueinDictioanty(dic:NSDictionary)-> Bool{ for (keyVal, dataVal) in dic {   if (dataVal.length()==0){                 println("\(keyVal): \(dataVal.length())")                 return false             }                 ... Continue Reading →


Use different font text in a Label in swift

let secondLabel=UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(0, 16, _screenWidth-2, 20))         secondLabel.textColor=UIColor.whiteColor()         secondLabel.textAlignment=NSTextAlignment.Center         secondLabel.font=UIFont(name: "Arial", size: 12)         bottomView.addSubview(secondLabel)                  let attrSting=NSMutableAttributedString(string: "I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.")             ... Continue Reading →

Json Parsing Using PhoneGap

Step 1. Call Js function From html page or from where you want like thisfunction onBodyLoad()    {                document.addEventListener("deviceready", callJson, false);    }        Step 2.Create a function of name callJson and call parsing Function from it in js file.function callJson() {       var webUrl = url;   //    check(webUrl);}Step 3.function check(API) {    alert("entered");    var... Continue Reading →

Sencha Tutorial 1

In this series we will create the Sencha Touch 2 version of the Notes Application, an application that allows its users to take notes and store them on the device running the app. Along the way, we will dive into the following areas:The building blocks of a Sencha Touch application.How to implement navigation in an application... Continue Reading →

How to install phone gap .

Getting Started with iOSThis guide describes how to set up your development environment for Apache Cordova and run a sample Apache Cordova application.RequirementsXcode 4.5+Xcode Command Line ToolsIntel-based computer with Mac OS X Lion or greater (10.7+)Necessary for installing on device:Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)iOS developer certificateInstall the iOS SDK and Apache CordovaInstall Xcode from the Mac... Continue Reading →

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